Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max are two of the most top-notch, enormous screen telephones that one can purchase, yet how would they vary and what favorable circumstances does one have over the other?

After a lot of breaks, we know nearly all that there is to think about the Galaxy S21 Ultra and it’s an ideal opportunity to look at it against the iPhone 12 Pro Max. In this correlation we will go over the presentation contrasts, cameras, battery sizes, charging, processors, and we’ll additionally take a gander at a couple of things that you used to get for nothing in the container with your telephone yet that you presently don’t have.

Likewise, remember that the Galaxy S21 Ultra is getting authoritatively divulged on January fourteenth with a delivery date set for the month’s end, so it’s not far off. Considering this current, how about we see what are the distinctions.


With a quick, 120Hz revive rate the Galaxy has the smoother moves

Both the Galaxy S21 Ultra and iPhone 12 Pro Max have additional enormous screens, however, on paper, it is the Galaxy S21 Ultra that has the marginally greater one. The distinction of 0.1 inches, nonetheless, is scarcely perceptible, and these two are unmistakably extending the restrictions of how enormous a screen you can get in a non-foldable telephone.

One mark iPhone component is the indent, which houses its mind-boggling Face ID sensors and front camera, while the Galaxy S21 highlights a considerably more discrete poke hole front camera that doesn’t discourage your view. It’s anything but difficult to become acclimated to the iPhone score in ordinary, easygoing use, yet it tends to be entirely observable when you watch recordings and especially when you mess around. The Galaxy, then again, has a marginally tightened screen for simpler swiping and it additionally has the upside of razor meager bezels for a more advanced, all-screen look.

Samsung has a few different points of interest as well: its screen has a higher goal for more honed detail, something particularly recognizable when understanding content. In particular, the screen can run at a 120Hz invigorate rate, twice as quick as the 60Hz on the iPhone, and this makes looking over zippier and smoother than on the iPhone. New on the Galaxy is that this quick revive rate can be utilized with the most extreme upheld QHD goal, in addition to the screen will naturally change the invigorate rate, so the full 120Hz speed will be utilized just when required, while the remainder of the time the screen can keenly change to a lower and more force productive revive rate (as low as 10Hz).


The Galaxy S21 Ultra comes outfitted with the most recent and most impressive Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip in the United States, while global models will transport with a Samsung-made Exynos 2100 processor, which this year is required to at last match the Snapdragon in both execution and force effectiveness. Then again, the iPhone 12 Pro Max utilizes the Apple A14 Bionic chip.

The two makers utilize the most trendsetting innovation accessible for these processors: 5nm assembling, and just… crash the benchmarks! The Galaxy, in any case, has the upside of an incorporated 5G modem that should make it more proficient with 5G use.

As far as capacity, the base Galaxy S21 Ultra model is said to brandish 128GB of on-board memory, coordinating the capacity offered on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The Galaxy S21 is additionally reputed to skirt the microSD card space, much the same as the iPhone, so there would be no simple method to grow the capacity on both of these two telephones.

Obviously, the two telephones will be accessible on all significant transporters across the globe and in the United States, and they will uphold a 5G network with all groups needed for a specific market (both help sub-6GHz and mmWave sorts of 5G in the US).


The Galaxy S21 Ultra carries another style to the camera unit which presently mixes with the side of the telephone, while the iPhone highlights that conspicuous acceptance burner like a plan for the cameras. Both are unmistakable and effectively conspicuous, yet additionally, both components raised camera beds, so the two telephones will wobble on the off chance that you lay them back down on a table without a case.

Aside from the styling contrasts, there are some large contrasts in the sum and specs of the cameras.

The Galaxy has the advantage with two fax cameras, while the iPhone just has one fax camera. On the Galaxy, you get a periscope focal point, with a long-range, 10X zoom ability, up from the 5X long-range focal point of the Note 20 Ultra. On top of the periscope focal point, the S21 Ultra likewise adds an auxiliary zoom camera, this one being a short-range 3X long-range focal point. Joined together, these two cameras make the Galaxy obviously the better telephone for when you have to get away from something far away.

Strangely, the Galaxy will likewise receive a more extensive primary camera with a 24mm focal point versus a 26mm focal point on the iPhone (and most different telephones so far as that is concerned). This probably won’t seem like a colossal contrast, yet it will bring about a more extensive viewpoint for shots with the primary camera.

Both the Galaxy and the iPhone include a super wide point focal point, so you have equality on that front. With regards to centering, the Galaxy has a laser auto center framework that should help settle zeroing in issues we have seen on before Galaxy telephones, and the iPhone on its part has a LiDAR sensor that additionally assists with securing shine quicker low light.

On the video side, the S21 Ultra additionally adds 8K video recording at 30fps, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max can do 4K video yet it underpins the Dolby HDR standard for more extravagant tones. With 8K you get a lot of cleaner detail, while the HDR alternative on the iPhone gives you a higher powerful reach, so both have their own exceptional preferences.

With respect to picture quality, we’ll hold judgment until we really will test the two telephones one next to the other.

Battery Life and Charging Speeds

5,000mAh (Galaxy S21 Ultra) versus 3,687mAh (iPhone 12 Pro Max)

Quicker charging on Galaxy

At long last, these two will likewise vary in their battery sizes. Android telephones like the Galaxy S21 Ultra consistently accompany greater batteries than iPhones, and the S21 Ultra is no exemption. It’s projected to accompany a 5,000mAh battery cell, contrasted with a 3,687mAh battery on the iPhone. That implies the Galaxy has an almost half bigger battery limit than the iPhone!

Try not to anticipate that this should straightforwardly connect to half improvement in battery life, yet we do anticipate that the Galaxy should outlive the iPhone in the battery perseverance division.


For charging, the iPhone 12 Pro Max upholds velocities of up to 20W, while the Galaxy S21 Ultra is required to help hardly quicker, 25W charging speeds. The iPhone was additionally the principal standard telephone available to dispatch without a charger, and the S21 Ultra is supposed to be the primary significant Android telephone to follow this disastrous move, according to spills.

The two telephones additionally uphold remote energizing at paces of to 15W with a viable charger. The iPhone stands apart here with its new MagSafe innovation so the telephone can attractively and safely snap to chargers and extras, a clever minimal additional that you don’t jump on the Galaxy.

What the iPhone can’t do is converse remote charging, while the Samsung has this alternative so you can put your Galaxy Buds Pro for instance, and rapidly top them up utilizing your Galaxy telephone as a remote force bank of sorts.


To wrap things up, we should talk about evaluating. Breaks call attention to that economic situations have constrained Samsung to bring down its lead telephone costs in 2021. In 2020, Samsung dispatched its lead S20 Ultra at an extravagant cost of $1,400, while the current year’s Galaxy S21 Ultra may begin at a lower cost of around $1,300, which is still significantly more costly than an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G — around $1,300 for 128GB model

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max — $1,100 for 128GB model

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